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8 Tips For Running A Successful Online Business

Organize Your Web Assets  This extends much further than just organizing your business. Your web assets are everything from your website to your social media profiles to your hosting account. These need to be in order. All relevant assets should be optimized for your brand. For example, your social media and webpages should have the […]

Completing Competency-based Application Forms for Public Sector Job Applications…

Competency-based Application Forms for Public Sector In the last 10-15 years now, public sector job openings have no longer required or requested a Resumé / Curriculum Vitae (CV) from interested candidates to apply for them. There are many reasons for this: CV’s come in all shapes and sizes Very difficult to see/find the relevant information […]

How to Choose an Online Professional Development Training Course

In a highly competitive business world, independent consultants know that continuing education enhances their abilities, broadens their areas of expertise, and boosts their professional reputation. Many busy professionals are turning to online training courses to receive these benefits, thanks to their “work from anywhere” convenience and often affordable price points. However, with so many options […]

What Does Covid-19 Mean for The Future Of Work?

‘’…Excerpts from Forbes Ashley Stahl’s article in June 2020…’’ There has been a lot of discussion around the impact of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have for the future of work, and yet, ever since Covid-19 swept the globe, the message about our future has become even clearer: what started as a few weeks of […]

Facing Redundancy…?

Redundancy ranks as one of the most stressful life experiences for many people. However, in the process of leaving, it is important that you protect your interests. The following suggestions from Personnel Career Management, a UK based outplacement organization, talk here about how you can ensure that both practically and emotionally you are in good […]

6 Tips On How To Deliver Persuasive Speeches Online…

Diana Beyer writes about speaking Online and more specifically about delivering a course Online. Here we have taken some of her content and tailored around what is important for any speech delivered Online. But firstly, what are the Differences Between Offline And Online Speeches Differences Between Offline And Online Speeches  Let’s start making sure that […]

Returning to Work After a Long Break…!

Whether your break was planned or unplanned, returning to the workforce after an extended period away can be challenging. Madeleine Burry from The Balance Careers offers some tips for getting back into the workforce after a long break, that are outlined below: Re-Learn Your Industry and Network If it’s been quite a while since you worked, you’ll […]

Working from home…!

Many people work from home for many different reasons. Some have being doing it full-time for a long time; some part-time i.e. 1-3 days per week and 1-2 days in the office or vice versa and others have / are experiencing it for the first time whether it be part-time or full-time. For some employees […]

How to return to work after a long break…!

Alice Murray from www.independent.ie tells us that taking a career break is something that most employees will do at least once in their lives. It gives workers a chance to change sectors, travel the world, care for family members or spend more time with their children. The benefits really are endless but there is one […]

Five simple ways to update your Resumé?

In days when you have time on your hands, you would not spend better time than to review your Resumé (Curriculum Vitae – CV), update it and make it ready for internal promotion, external job opportunities and/or a job/career change. Niamh Brennan from Cpl says that no matter how long it’s been since you did […]