Identification of Your Ideal, Realistic Job/Career

This intervention is focused on career identification and career change and helps you identify your ideal, realistic career based on your natural talents, skills and abilities. The self-assessment and self-analysis will help you identify what career/s match your competencies and talents which in turn helps you focus on your passions, desires and strengths in the world of work and employment. By knowing these you immediately identify your key core competencies, career change options, types of employers which deliver on you working in a career that you enjoy, are motivated in and can progress in (if you wish).

The intervention includes the following assessments and analysis:

  1. Academic history analysis.
  2. Employment history analysis.
  3. Career history analysis.
  4. Discuss and list current career aspirations.
  5. Discuss and list current further education / upskilling / re-training aspirations.
  6. OU Test (paper-based).
  7. PHM Test (paper-based).
  8. Role model person, who and why?
  9. Career / Employment / Academic / Personal achievements analysis.
  10. Values Clarification (paper-based).
  11. Motivation / Interests Analysis (paper-based).
  12. Natural Skills, Talents and Competencies (paper-based).
  13. OIP+ (computer-based).
  14. Eirquest (computer-based).
  15. Centigrade (computer-based).
  16. Cambridge (computer-based).
  17. Essay (paper-based).
  18. Wants / Don’t Wants in a Career.
  19. Career interests breakdown to top three and then to one.
  20. Identify any academic / re-training requirements to make new career change a reality.
  21. Complete and sign Commitment Summary Form.
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