Realize your ideal, realistic Job / Career / Professional Development by choosing any of the following Packages below and prepare for / look forward to being interviewed for a job that you want against your Cover Letter / CV / Competency-based Application Form and the Job Description / Specification

Competency-based Interviews

Package 1 – Camelia:

  • Three off 1.5-2 hour meetings
    € 745.00

Package 2 – White Dogwood:

  • Two off 1.5-2 hour meetings
    € 495.00

Package 3 – Golden Bell:

  • One-off 2-2.5 hour meeting
    € 345.00

Mock Interview:

  • Carry out an actual interview situation asking questions / giving feedback on your answers based on our interview preparation from your Job Application and Job Description
    € 245.00

What we COVER with and for you:
1. Application Form / CV

a) Your employment experience

b) Your academic / CPD qualifications

c) Your examples to the competencies;

  •  Confirm that your example in the Application Form is structured and follows their Information Booklet Guidelines
  •  Confirm that the examples meet the criteria of the Competency title and the Competency explanation
  •  Develop/review your Back-up examples to each Competency
  •  List and analyse probing questions that they could ask you about your example in the Application Form
  •  List and analyse probing questions that they could ask you from the explanation of the Competency title and its criteria
  •  Help you design, prepare and write examples to competencies that were not required on the Application Form

2. The Job Description

a) Duties & Responsibilities of the Role
b) Essential / Desirable Requirements and how you meet them
c) Competencies, skills and attributes of the role

3. The Organisation

a) What you know about them i.e. current projects, challenges, vision
b) Questions to ask them about them i.e. three questions that demonstrate your knowledge about them and the job
c) Memory Hook

RESULTS that we can deliver for you:

When you choose Talent Fusion to help you prepare for your Competency-based Interview, you will:

  • Be looking forward to the interview with a more focused, positive and confident mindset
  • Be able to handle any question they ask you based on your Application Form and the Job Description / Specification
  • Leave the interview knowing that you did the best that you could, having left everything in the room

What could they ask me at a Competency-based Interview…?

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” …Hi Ger, Thank you! Your help was invaluable for studying for the HSE Grade 6 Competency-based interview and in the interview itself. I would have come to you to help me complete the Competency-based Application Form if I knew that you did this too… ”