The Competency-based Recruitment & Selection Process

(In-company training for your employees to help them prepare for and complete a competency-based application form and a competency-based interview)


This training aims to address the job/career planning, development and management needs of the participants who wish to apply for new job opportunities that require the completion of competency based application forms and the attendance at competency-based interviews so as to help them realize their ideal job/career in their chosen place of employment.


By the end of this training intervention, the participants will have learned how to prepare tailored CV’s / competency-based Application Forms, how to job hunt and prepare for and carry out a competency-based interview with increased knowledge that will lead to new employment in their area of interest, expertise and / or academia as they so wish.


This training intervention will be delivered by one trainer in an open learning, interactive training facility utilising PowerPoint, Flipchart, Handouts, Discussions and / or Individual Participation communication mediums (as and where necessary) in a safe learning and conducive environment.

Note: Participant participation is encouraged, but not enforced.


Outlined below are the main areas that can be covered in the tailored training:

  • Presentation on Paper
    • Cover Letters (tailored)
    • Target Letters (tailored)
    • Résumé’s / CV’s (tailored)
    • Developing and completing Competency-based Application Forms
    • Developing LinkedIn Profiles
  • Job Hunting Skills
    • Working with Recruitment Agencies
    • Using The Internet
    • Networking
    • Answering Job Advertisements in Newspapers & Magazines
    • Direct Mail & Cold-calling
    • Using LinkedIn
    • Attending Recruitment Fairs, Seminars and Business/Career Events
    • Using Social Media
  • Competency-based Interview Skills & Techniques
    • Pre-interview Preparation:
      • Dress, Presentation & First Impression
      • Complete knowledge of;
        1. Your CV
        2. The Job Description
        3. The Organisation/Department you are meeting
        4. The people you are meeting
        5. The location
  • What should I bring with me?
  • The Interview:
    • My waiting/my entrance
    • Technical questions
    • HR questions
    • On-the-job questions
    • Answering Competency-based questions
    • Off-the-wall questions
    • Handling difficult questions
    • Questions to ask them
    • Memory Hook
    • My leaving
    • Mock Interview
  • Post-interview:
    • Recording
    • Thank You letters
    • Evaluation

Training Facilities

Chosen by client.

No. of participants

Minimum 8 / Maximum 12 (flexible)


One or two full days (9.00am – 5.00pm approx.)


A learning evaluation can be carried out by Talent Fusion at the end of the intervention and a copy submitted to the client.

Training Facilities

A training venue with the following equipment will be provided:

  • LCD Screen / Projector
  • Flipcharts, pens and paper (2)
  • U shaped table arrangement

Budget Summary

  • Upon request


  • This training intervention is a City & Guilds (Institute of Learning & Management – ILM) accredited course and Certificates can be ordered if client desires
  • Fees inclusive of materials, handouts and articles
  • All travel, accomodation and subsistence
  • VAT exempt as training is VAT exempt

Payment Terms

Payment monthly based on number of training days completed in that month.  Our invoices are payable within thirty days of invoice date.

Cancellation Policy

Training interventions cancelled within three to four weeks of the agreed delivery date will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Training interventions cancelled within one to three weeks of delivery will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Training interventions cancelled within one week of delivery will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Note that interventions:

  • Can be tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
  • Are all highly interactive to ensure participant involvement and learning
  • All focus on how the learning can be applied back in the workplace (or in private life) to gain maximum benefit