Specialist Consultants in Training and Career Transition Consultancy

Talent Fusion Specialist Consultants in Training and Career Transition / Career  Change / Career Guidance  Consultancy have developed job change and career change consultations & workshops tailored for people from all walks of life. The objective of the consultations & workshops is to assist those individuals who need help in their job /career planning, management and development.

At Talent Fusion we help people achieve excellence through innovative customized training and job/career development solutions. We provide personal development to nurture people’s talents and skills, so they become the best they can be.
Our portfolio of job/career consultations & workshops are specifically tailored to your needs, requirements and challenges in the world of work, employment, further education, training, learning and development.

Consultations are usually about 1-2 hours in duration try to understand and discuss your specific job employment needs, career planning challenges, self-appraisal, transferable skills, expertise and interests. During this time we try to help you put a plan together and identify if we can be of any further help in the following areas:

  • Presenting You on Paper (Tailored Cover Letters, Tailored CV’s, Target Letters and Competency-based Application Forms).
  • Competency-based Interview Skills and Techniques.
  • Organising a Job / Career Hunt Campaign.
  • Design Your Destiny (Your Vision, Mission & Purpose)
  • Enhancing in Your Job / Career Without Changing Employer
  • Identifying Your Ideal Preferred Realistic Career
  • Psychometric Testing, Profiling and Assessment
  • Setting Up Your Own Business / Business Development Planning
  • Identification of Further Education / Upskilling Needs.
  • Identification of Training, Learning and Development Needs.