Job Hunting Skills

JOB HUNTING SKILLSThis intervention helps you design, manage and execute a formal, professional job hunt campaign to help you find the advertised and unadvertised jobs. We are told that 7 out of 10 jobs are not advertised i.e. they are filled through people who know other people.

This intervention is a follow on from your Presentation on Paper i.e. Cover Letter, Target Letter and CV, where you use these documents together and separately to secure job interviews.

The whole approach here is that you are taking a proactive approach, not a reactive approach.

By knowing how to do this you will save time and cost during your job search campaign, making it more efficient, effective, enjoyable and a great learning experience in the process.

The Job Hunting Skills Programme entails eight parts:

  1. Using LinkedIn
  2. Direct Mail / Cold Calling
  3. Using The Internet
  4. Networking
  5. Working with Recruitment Agencies and Executive Search Firms
  6. Answering Job Advertisement in Newspapers and Magazines
  7. Social Media
  8. Attending Business Events and Seminars.