LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile Apps. Founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional working, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CV’s. Most of the company’s revenue comes from recruiters and sales professionals. As of March 2019, LinkedIn had 610 million registered members in 200 countries.

LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an On-Line social network, that represents real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone (whether an existing member or not) to become a connection. Linked-In is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft.


Talent Fusion help people develop, structure and narrate LinkedIn profiles to help them get noticed On-Line so as to impress LinkedIn readers, connections, people in their job/career / business network, and most importantly recruiters, executive search firms and potential employers. People can also receive alerts about live, open jobs that may interest them.

LinkedIn is basically your CV On-Line, critical in today’s social media world.