The trauma of redundancy and losing one’s job is the most difficult situation for employees and employers, most particularly the employee who is being made redundant. Talent Fusion understands this trauma, and through their own experience of redundancy and this outplacement support, aim to ease this and help participants look forward to new opportunities and new challenges through securing new employment. There is a focus on the present and future, identifying an employee’s innate talents and skills and matching them to an organization’s requirements.

During and after a redundancy period, those affected need to be able to:

  • Identify what jobs/careers suit their competencies, skills, qualifications and employment experience
  • Prepare and tailor a Cover Letter (CL), Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Competency-Based Application Forms for different employers and secure interviews
  • Plan and organise a job hunt campaign around their work and personal lives
  • Demonstrate expected competency-based interview skills and techniques that will impress employers
  • Be confident in the knowledge that they will secure suitable employment quickly