Presentation on Paper (Tailored Cover Letters, Tailored CV’s & Competency-based Application Forms)

Presentation on Paper

Based on your talents, skills and achievements we will help you design a Tailored Curriculum Vitae (CV), Tailored Cover Letter, Target Letter and Competency-based Application Forms tailored against a live open job opportunity and highlight your achievements and talents and thus help you secure your ideal job/career, by at least securing an interview. By knowing your talents and achievements you can confidently put them on paper highlighting their importance and reference depending on the job/career  you want. This information is also extremely important when you attend interviews, as you will want to answer your interview questions around specific achievements in your life / career.

The information will be specific and will help you target the right people/organisations. It will save you time, effort and cost and bring you to the people who can deliver your ideal job / career.

The intervention covers five main areas:

  1. CV types
  2. CV contents
  3. CV structure
  4. Competency-based Application Forms
  5. Cover Letters
  6. Target Letters