Presentation Skills Intensive

Presentation Skills

This intervention is focused on communication and presentation skills, with which you work through to take your communication and presentation skills to a new more professional level. Based on your talents, skills and competencies you need to be able to communicate and present the real you i.e. bring out the best in you naturally and authentically. Our aim is to help you learn how to speak without fear in both 1:1 and group situations. We outline different speaking situations that you will find yourself in as you and your career develop, and then tell you how to use them to your advantage and ‘seize the day’!

The intervention entails six parts:

  1. Preparing to communicate and present.
  2. Delivering what you have to say.
  3. Analysing your performance.
  4. Different communication and presentation situations.
  5. Conquering your fears.
  6. Pushing out your comfort zone.


We prefer to focus this intervention on helping you prepare for and present an actual real presentation / speech project to your management team, work colleagues and / or clients. In this way there is more purposeful learning during and indeed after the project.