Psychometric Profiling, Testing & Assessment

Psychometric Profiling

If you are not satisfied with your current career choice, are looking to make a change, are entering the workforce for the first time or starting Third Level Education psychometric testing may be the best way to identify which route you should pursue. These tests are beneficial for job-seekers and help people identify their ideal, realistic career.

Psychometric testing is a way to evaluate your ability and personality and can be used to match you with your ideal, realistic career. The results are detailed and insightful. They can provide character description and assessments as well as general assessments about what professional field you should pursue thus helping you better understand your career options and goals.

Tests Available:

Ability and Aptitude :

  • Psytech
  • Acer
  • Skillcheck
  • Cambridge Occupational Analysts

Trait Personality (Ideal Career Identification):

  • 15FQ+/16PF
  • NEO
  • HPI
  • HDS
  • Saville Wave
  • Apollo

Myers & Briggs Type:

  • Jung Type Indicator

Emotional Intelligence:

  • Bar-On EQi