We are grateful and appreciate what our clients are saying about us:

Hi Ger, just wanted to let you know that I received a job offer from [Organisation Name]. I 100% put this down to the interview training with you. Thanks again for all your help…

KathrynAugust 2019

Hello Ger, Morgan here. Thanks for doing a great job on the CV’s and great tips on what to do with them, I got a job with {Organization Name], which I’m delighted with.

Morgan (August 2019)

I first met Ger in 2016. At this juncture I was out of work at the age of 48. My confidence was shook because of my age as regards getting a job. I had worked all my life and the sudden loss of the structure of going to work rocked myself and my family to the core. 

Although I had vast experience in all lots of roles I found that I had no actual qualifications. Yes I had been on courses through work and trained on the job but I still had nothing on paper to say I was qualified. 

I was sceptical the first meeting I had with this sharp business man. I thought this guy is just ticking boxes. To be honest I didn’t give much away for the first few meetings. 

Then he started to push me and set achievable  goals for me. He got me to do courses that carried qualifications. We applied for a couple of jobs but to no avail.  Then suddenly after the first phase of a job application was successful and as the interview loomed Talent Fusion turned into a different beast. 

Ger never let up. Constantly coaching and checking every minute detail. The attention to detail was second to none. Rehearsing and preparing like never before. When I walked into the interview I was more confident than the panel conducting the interview.   

The rest is history. !! I got through. All I can say is if you’ve got Ger in your corner you’re not alone. Not only is he focused and driven for your success but he is the best of company. I still hear his words. Always positive. 

His approach is cool but he is as shrewd as they come. Perfection personified.. 

I will be forever indebted to Ger for the break he is after achieving for me. Without his intervention and guidance I would still be without a job. 

Many thanks Ger. And keep up the good work.  My details are with Ger and feel free to contact me if you have any queries. 

Chris (July 2019)

Hi Ger, Claire here. Brilliant news – I got the interview. Thanks so much for your help. Regards

Claire (July 2019)

Hi Ger, interview went fine for Senior Physiotherapist role in HSE. They asked me all the five competencies and then some professional on-the-job knowledge, also asked a lot about CPD, which we had prepared. Will hopefully know end of next week, thank you or all your help…

AislingJuly 2019

Hi Ger. Marguerite here. I just wanted to let you know that I was successful at my recent interview and got offered the job in health and safety with the HSE, I’m so happy. Thank God. That you again for all your help!

Marguerite (July 2019) – F/U

Hi Ger, it’s Grace here, just wanted to let you know that I got great news from the HSE for Executive Officer role that I went for last month, I got No. 2 on the panel. Thanks so much Ger, I am delighted. I will email you next week. Thank you again…

Grace (July 2019)

Hi Ger, I meant to send this earlier but I’ve been flat out. I started the job on June 10th. Still in the training phase so far, but that ends next week and the real work begins. It’s been all good so far. Enjoying being back in employment. Got my first payslip in many years today. That felt like a major step forward in itself. Thanks for everything Ger!

StephenJune 2019

Hi Ger, Thank you! Your help was invaluable for studying for the HSE Grade 6 Competency-based interview and in the interview itself. I would have come to you to help me complete the Competency-based Application Form, if I knew that you did this too.

Annette (April 2019)

Hi Ger, I have made my choice and I am applying to the icppd college in galway, thank you for all your help, I don’t feel the need to have another appointment with you as I have made my decision, I really valued your opinion and appreciated all your help, all the best .

LisaGalway (May 2019)

Hi Ger hope you are keeping well. Just wanted to let you know that I finally got myself sorted on the job front. Similar job to what I did before with a company called AD based in Cork and will be working half there and half the time at home! I wanted to say thank you for all your help with the CV and interview prep etc., it certainly helped me. Thanks again! 

MarkCarrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim-April 2019

Hi Ger, Thank you for your lovely email. I have enrolled in a Post-grad in Fashion and Design – and so the journey begins.  I have started to whittle down my job choices now and feel far more focused after meeting with you. Most sincere thanks 

Linda (Galway-March 2019)

Hello Ger, hope all is well. I wanted to email you to update you on the interview process. First I want to say, that the Bloomberg interview was the best interview I have had, and that was largely in part due to our consultation/preparation work. Unfortunately, I did not get to the next round with Bloomberg, but from the feedback it was simply because the interviewers thought while I did have interest in the company, I didn’t have a true interest in the role. On another note, I was able to get a similar role in Dublin with Bank of Ireland and will begin work with them in a couple of weeks. I am very excited and will use the notes about speaking with you going forward. Thanks again for all your help. Kind regards –

Robbie (Galway – March 2019)

Hi Ger, I just want to thank you for your guidance and support in the last two sessions. I feel better adapted to make plans for the future and I want to thank you for your patience. I will continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues –

Jen (February 2019)

Ger, Thank you for the great chat yesterday. I really got a lot out of it and I appreciate your approachability, common-sense approach, groundedness, kindness, encouragement, information and new ideas! Just a little note to say I’ve applied for BioExel and got through to the next round. There’s a presentation on Tuesday. Thanks for putting me in touch with Sandra. This and my existing freelance and cinema work have filled up the last two months to the point where a lot of the other homework you gave me is on hold for the moment. Am winding up the cinema job and will look properly at your suggestions then. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for everything. 

NiamhGalway (October 2018)

Hi Ger, Sheila here. Just to let you know an Engineering Manager role came up in work between Round 1 & Round 2 interviews…so I applied & was successful!! Delighted! Thanks for the help, guidance and confidence you gave me! It’s helped me no end. Best wishes, Sheila.

SheilaMedical Device Senior Manufacturing Engineer – September 2018

Hi Ger, I meant to email you a few times but it went out of my head. I got the Senior Practitioner job and I also came 16th in Ireland in the probation panel so not a bad outcome! Thank you again for your time and help with the competency-based application form completion and the competency-based interview preparation; very, very much appreciated

Helen (TUSLA Senior Social Work Practitioner), Ennis, Co. Clare – September 2018

Thanks a million Ger! I found it fantastic, I am absolutely delighted with all your help. I am going to spend the next few evenings getting the material ready and will get going then when I get the date please God. I will give you a ring then, thanks again for everything, you are excellent at what you do!!All best  

Mary Ellen(Health Service Executive-HSE Counsellor/Psychotherapist), Westport, Co. Mayo – September 2018

Ger had top-notch knowledge of the recruitment industry, thorough preparation of my CV, accurate, succinct, relevant to my qualification, excellent preparation for interview, Ger had me totally focused, confident and instilled with self-belief. Can totally recommend Talent Fusion and I believe that it was a major determinant in me succeeding in my first bid for employment after leaving college.

PhilipUniversity of Limerick Graduate, Ennis, Co. Clare – August 2018

I was fortunate to have connected with Ger as soon as my severance agreement was getting finalised with my previous employer Gartner early in the New Year. Ger demonstrated strong empathy and sensitivity in working with me in the early day. I used Ger extensively to structure my plan and prioritise my daily job searching. Ger assisted me extensively in ensuring I customised CV and Executive summary and most importantly I worked my internal network along with selected recruiters. Within 5 weeks I was at final interview panel stage with a employment target. The help and support Ger gave me at presentation stage and messaging was incredibly valuable. Often I would use Ger as a sounding board also. Ger is a really practical guy and cuts through complex-ability like the support I received with my exit statement and general talk track to future employers. I was fortunate to secure my next successful role within just over 3 months with HP Enterprise. This is great for Senior placements that sometimes take between 6 -9 months. This was achieved thanks to Connor’s support. I have would have no hesitation recommending Connor Service’s and the excellent support from Ger Colleran in future.

Paul (Gartner, Dublin – April 2018)

Hi Ger, I have to apologise I didn’t see this until now – I was actually out of the office for a few days and just catching up on emails. Thank you so much for all the help too – I provided Sandra with some feedback. Personally, I felt the sessions really helped me – to look at my career but also the bigger picture in terms of grasping opportunities. Hopefully see you at a toastmaster event when it starts again in the Autumn time as this is something I would love to participate in.

Kind Regards – Helen

Helen(Creganna, Galway – June 2018)

Hi Ger, thank you, you were a great help, you boosted my confidence along with your excellent interview pointers. Talk soon.

Cathal (Cisco, Galway – May 2018)

“Hello Ger, I’m very happy.  I’m only here 11 months in my current job in Saolta University Health Care Group and I was up against many others that have been here for over 14/15 years.  15 were interviewed for the job in total in the HSE. I came in 4th, which I’m delighted with. Thanks again for all your help. I’m sure I will be requiring your services again in my career and as I said on the telephone to you earlier, I will be highly recommending you”

Thelma November 2017

Hi Ger, I was successful in getting the job!!! I got No. 4 on the panel, so it went better than I thought. My grading on the interview was great – 60’s, 70’s and 80’s! Thank you so much for helping me put structure on the interview process too. I will certainly be spreading the word. Thank you, Ger.

Lorna (HSE) – November 2017

Hi Ger, Hope this finds you well! I wanted to let you know I finally received my letter of offer from Decawave yesterday & I start on Monday! They were waiting on funding to come through before they could have me on board. I just want to say thanks so much for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you. Your feedback & reassurance as well as your knowledge every step of the way was really invaluable & appreciated! Thanks again & hopefully we’ll meet up again in happier circumstances! All the very best!

Joe (September 2017)

Hello Ger, I am quite well thank you. I want to thank you for your very much appreciated contribution and advice. It did make a difference. Indeed I got the job at ICMPD: we prepared the interview, which took place just before my Xmas holiday. They informed me that there should be a 2nd round of interviews (if I were shortlisted). Actually they directly selected me without organising any 2nd interview! I was pleased (good for my ego! :-)) and released (I was at last relaxing after a very straining year). I am going to start on 1st June in their Paris office. This international organisation is based in Rome. I got an 11 month contract. I was also selected and included in an EU reserve list after passing the tests and interview for a secretary position last October. This list is valid until Dec. 2017. And last but not least, I have been invited to take the EU pre selection test for the Financial Assistant position! Yeepee! It is one of the competency-based application forms that we worked on (so thank you very much again…). It will take place in July. I have started studying since it is a tough exam, loads of competitors…I go on applying to EU position as I have to find a job after the 11 month contract…Therese is a great help I must say! I hope you have an enjoyable summer time with your family and that you are fine. Thank you for contacting me. All the best! Kind regards.

Isabelle (Paris, France) – May 2017

Hi Ger, Just a further update on my situation. I was promoted a month ago and very happy in my new role and location. Just to reaffirm that I credit your service for my all my success and many thanks again .

Josephine (An Garda Síochána) – May 2017

Hi Ger, thanks so much for all your help and guidance over the past few months, I really appreciated it. Best wishes!

Áine (May 2017)

Thanks Ger. I got a lot out of the process. As I mentioned, it tipped me over and I started acting as a leader. I appreciate all the input. I’m much happier about direction now, have more clarity, first week of new role just up. Meeting with new direct reports next week while in US. All very exciting. It was good to meet with you and confirm my ideal career direction. Thanks again

Ivan (R & D Director) – April 2017

Hi Ger, I was trying to call you this morning as I wanted to let you know personally that [name of organisation] have offered me a position as their Financial Controller and I am happy to accept the position. The offer is 10% increase to my current salary, with Medical, Life Assurance and Pension benefits and some equity share in the company. I want to thank you personally for your help and guidance throughout. I appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks again.

Gavin (Financial Controller) – April 2017

Hi Ger, I got 5th place on the panel with a score of 470 out of 600. The area I went down on mainly was clinical knowledge area. When I called the manager for feedback she said she couldn’t tell me anywhere to improve on. She said I did an excellent interview and they were very impressed considering I only had under 4 years experience. She just said only that the ones ahead of me had experience in mental health already and community experience rather than hospital work. I also heard the four ahead of me were four of the managers current staff, so I topped the externals that went for the interview. So overall I was very happy. And the job will come up over the next year I reckon. Thanks again for all your help, I’ve already recommended you to other people. Thanks Ger.

Sinead ( HSE Dietician) – April 2017

Hi Ger, just some feedback for you following help from you in September, only got my interview results today. Of 150 approximately interviewed and a panel of 40 formed, I got placed 16th and I know I would not have achieved this without your help on my competency-based application form and competency-based interview, which I couldn’t rate highly enough. There is huge reform in An Garda Síochána at present, so I may be in the right place at the right time for once in my life! I will most definitely recommend your services to family, friends and colleagues. Please feel free to use this commendation in any way you choose. Kind regards, Josey

Josey - (March 2017)

Hi Ger. I had my interview today. It went well, I’m happy. I really benefited from your session, framing my answers according to STAR worked very well. Of course there were a few curved balls but I handled them like a politician!
Will keep you posted but, either way, thank you.


This is the second year Keenan have commissioned Talent Fusion Training Consultancy to deliver this very comprehensive development program to our Graduates. The program was very much designed to enhance their skills to help them progress and develop in their careers with Keenan and into the future. John Macken quoted “This training week was very beneficial for the group, thoroughly enjoyable and challenging, with a range of skills being developed which we know will stand to us as individuals within the company

This is a very comprehensive program, the documentation was excellent and Ger did an tremendous job”. Helen Phelan, Head of Human Resources, Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd.

Keenan & Co. Ltd

Keenan & Co. Ltd

Hi Ger, Just a quick note to say a big thank you for all your help with my Update CV preparation, also on  the speeches / Church Readings. I found your help invaluable. You provide excellent advice on correctly structuring my CV and in my speaking. I always felt fully prepared and confident  after my meetings with you. Ger you are so professional in this field. I would highly recommend you in the future to friends etc.. Should I wish to use your services in the near future , I will certainly make contact  with you. I wish you well in your business, you deserve it. Thank you…Frances



Just a little note to express my gratitude for the help that you have given my two boys. Even after the initial meeting both express the view that there were more confident and were convinced that you could help them get their first real job. As it turned out Niall got a “first” on his course in NCI and I think one of this tutors may have made a recommendation on his behalf as he got a job within two to three weeks of the results coming out. Conor on the other hand really benefited from your coaching and is currently on top of the world in his new position. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for similar coaching for themselves or their children.

Brendan (Parent)

Brendan (Parent)

We have been using the services of Talent Fusion for the last 5 years and they have been of great assistance to us in the retraining of our disability claimants. They are extremely professional at all times and are continually seeking to improve and expand their range of services. I would have no hesitation in recommending Talent Fusion to other companies.

Colum Flanagan
Health Claims Manager
Friends First Group

Friends First Group

“The moment I called Talent Fusion and spoke with one of their consultants, Cindy, I was completely at ease. After discussing what I was hoping to achieve we agreed that the Design your Destiny Program was the ideal fit. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not only does it help to solve immediate problems in career but it enabled me to use the techniques for more far reaching change which is really what makes a great career. Not only that, the program had a surprisingly positive knock on effect on all areas of my life. Thanks again Cindy for an amazing program.”

And I mean every word of it.
All the best with everything,

Design Your Destiny (DYD)

Ger Colleran, Talent Fusion facilitated a Career Development Programme in NUI Galway last year, the programme included 3 modules:  Job / Career development planning, CV Preparation and Interview Skills and Techniques which ran over a 3 week period to facilitate a greater learning experience for participants.  There was excellent feedback from the participants who attended the programme, the programme was comprehensive in covering all aspects of cv preparation and interview skills, Ger gave excellent tips and notes in preparing your curriculum vitae and in preparing for an actual interview.  The programme was tailored and focused with a practical approach to help participants plan, prepare and manage their career, it was highly participative including role plays, etc but based on evaluations an enjoyable learning experience for the participants.

Orla Badger
Staff Training & Development

National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)

Since joining Galway Chamber, Talent Fusion have worked with our organisation to deliver training courses and information sessions to our members. We have always found the team at Talent Fusion to be very professional in their approach and adaptable to the unique requirements of our organisation. The feedback from our members has been extremely positive in their favour. We would have no hesitation in recommending Talent Fusion as a training provider of choice to other companies

Carol Brady

Project Manager

Galway Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Talent Fusion have been working closely with GMIT innovation skillnet in the delivery of training to enterprises since 2006. Their innovative approach to training and development is both recognized and appreciated

Peter Butler

Project Manager

GMIT Innovation Skillnet

Talent Fusion has provided excellent support to us when we were working towards ETP certification. I find them extremely professional and have been very happy with the value that they have added to the process. It’s been a pleasure to do business with Talent Fusion as they deliver what they promise

Michelle Coffey

Human Resources


Everybody really benefited from your course and really enjoyed the day.

I was very pleased when I saw the evaluations with very positive feedback.

Teresa Lydon,

Training & Development.

Department of Defence

I refer to my monitoring visit of Talent Fusion as part of their evaluation as a FAS Registered Training organisation. FAS wishes to extend congratulations on the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by Talent Fusion on the occasion of my visit. Ger Colleran is courteous and friendly – very professional. I also wish to thank you for the courtesy extended to me on the day.

Maurice Mugan,

Senior Training Advisor.

FAS Training & Development Authority

While dealing with Talent Fusion, I have always found them to be highly competent, professional, diligent, accommodating, trustworthy and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.

Dee Timoney,

Network Manager.

ITAG – Information Technology Association Galway

Talent Fusion have helped us take advantage of changing environments in our business through the delivery of innovative and practical training to our staff

Michael Ledwith,

Head of Training and Development.

Roche Ireland

To date we have sent Boston Scientific employees on Talent Fusion’s Talk-Power program which has been a great success for the personal development of the trainees involved.

Grace Mulry,

Learning & Development Manager.

Boston Scientific

The feedback from participants which included business leaders and even a politician were excellent.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ger Colleran and Talent Fusion for any upcoming programmes.

Adele O’Meallaigh,

Network Manager.

Galway Executive Skillnet

During the past year Talent Fusion have supported Contech Medical on individual development training levels as well as broader business orientation training.

In both areas we have found the content to be both focused and competitive. The presentation skills and lecture content was second to none.

Debra O’Loughlin,

Managing Director.


Mr. Colleran’s approach to preparing and delivering the training was highly professional, diligent and enthusiastic.

I will be happy to seek Mr. Colleran’s proposals for possible future training needs for Galway Regional Hospital.

John Shaughnessy,

Training and Development Manager.

Health Service Executive - Western Region

Dublin Airport Authority’s HR Department engaged Talent Fusion to assist in a planned restructuring within the HR Department.

They provided a very focused and valuable service for all involved, which had a significant impact on assisting in a potentially sensitive restructuring.

The feedback on the assistance they provided in their programme has been very positive. The service they provided was delivered on a focused basis and sensitive manner, on time and within the agreed budget.

Hugh Duggan,

Senior, HR Manager.

Dublin Airport Authority PLC

Talent Fusion programmes have tailored and customised their training programmes to meet the individuals training objectives.

The feedback received back from employees following their one to one interview skills training with Talent Fusion ahs been consistently positive.

Laura O’Leary,

Human Resources.

The Marine Institute

We have been working with Talent Fusion to deliver training programmes to address our skill development needs among our managers and engineers. They have delivered two excellent programmes for us to date, Project Management and Interview Skills. Both programmes were well received by participants. The training was very comprehensive and practical so that staff can put what they learned into practice back on the job.

Maureen Lynch,

HR Director.

MCS - Advanced Subsea Engineering

I recently worked with Talent Fusion and found them of enormous benefit in getting my career back on track.

Their approach was very structured and thorough and ensured I was approaching the task of securing a suitable position in a professional manner.

The sincere personal interest taken by Ger Colleran in making this happen for me was a critical part of the process, which I found to be extremely valuable.

Paul Leufer

Financial Controller

“The moment I called Talent Fusion and spoke with one of their consultants, Cindy, I was completely at ease. After discussing what I was hoping to achieve we agreed that the Design your Destiny Program was the ideal fit. And I wasn’t disappointed.Not only does it help to solve immediate problems in career but it enabled me to use the techniques for more far reaching change which is really what makes a great career. Not only that, the program had a surprisingly positive knock on effect on all areas of my life.Thanks again Cindy for an amazing program.”

And I mean every word of it.
All the best with everything,

Financial Controller

Ard Ri House Hotel

Hi Ger, Hope you are well. I visited you last Summer (2015) for help with my CV & Cover Letter and wanted to update you with the good news that I have been working since last January covering a maternity contract in a Primary School until November  2016. Your advice shaped the direction I took with regards job hunting and I’m happy to say it worked out well. The position I am in came up through some substitution work I was doing in a school, so having my CVs in lots of different schools worked. I’m continuing to take professional development courses etc. throughout the year, so  it’s all coming along nicely. Thanks again!


’I was asked to speak at a high profile business event recently and not being used to public speaking, I looked for assistance and direction. I met Ger Colleran from Competent Public Speaking and we began to work together and from the beginning I knew I was in safe hands. We looked at the time allowed, structure of the speech, my delivery, PowerPoint slides as an aid and what I wanted to achieve. By engaging with Ger I was confident we had all items covered and as a result the speech went very well on the night. In summary, I changed from a person dreading public speaking to one who was now confident in front of any audience. I would recommend Ger to anyone who wants to deliver a professional, polished delivery to their audience’’

Dáithí Revive Active, Galway