Workforce Transition

(Coaching Managers, Supervisors, Leaders & Employees after promotion)

Workforce Transition involves Human Resource professionals and Senior Management working together to support their employees. They need to be aware of their responsibilities to effectively support Workforce Transition so that their actions implements change processes for the betterment of all employees and survival of the business.

Workforce Transition is a change process that needs to be delivered in an efficient, undiscruptive and positive manner so as to transition existing employees inside and outside the organisation.


Organisational Change

Organisations are continuously changing and evolving trying to manage and survive in ever-changing competitive environments.  These changes are caused by numerous challenges;

  • Economic
  • Technical
  • Skill Functions
  • People
  • Competition
  • Cost of goods / services

Organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver on their business development plans, meet their customer expectations and more importantly meet the demands / career aspirations of their employees.

Workforce Transition

Talent Fusion helps you manage workforce transition involving:

  • Managing employee movement inside the organisation
  • Managing employee movement outside the organisation
  • Transition employees in a cost effective and efficient manner
  • Determine the commitment of employees
  • Transfer job / career autonomy to employees
  • Increase communications and sharing of information
  • Preserve employee dignity and optimism
  • Implement change processes involving people
  • Successfully manage outsourcing initiatives

Tackling Workforce Transition Challenges